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We speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese, ask us anything!
我們可以用英文,中文,廣東話和台灣話 (閩南話) 溝通。快聯繫我們!

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    Frequently asked questions


    What are early signs of dental trouble?2019-06-11T20:20:23+00:00

    Visit a dentist if you have any of these issues (mouth sores, jaw pain, redness, swollen face or gums, tooth sensitivity, broken teeth or bleeding gums) or see your child having trouble chewing or complaining of soreness.

    Do I really need to floss?2019-06-11T20:20:29+00:00

    There’s no getting around the need to get around your teeth daily with dental floss. It clears food and plaque from between teeth and under the gumline. If you don’t, plaque hardens into tartar, which forms wedges and widens the space between teeth and gums, causing pockets. Over time, gums pull away and teeth loosen.

    What’s the best way to whiten my teeth?2019-06-11T20:50:06+00:00

    Stores sell many whitening products with take-home gels and trays, but it might not be as effective as the kits from your dental office. If you want to try an over-the-counter whitener, look for one with an ADA seal. Check with your dentist before you buy, especially if you have dental work or dark stains.

    Why and how often do I need dental exams?2019-06-11T20:54:42+00:00

    Regular exams help spot trouble early to prevent bigger and more costly treatments later. Our dentist will start by cleaning buildup from your teeth, then probe spots on the surfaces and near the gum line with special tools. If it’s been a while between appointments, you may have some sore and sensitive areas. You should get an exam every 6 months, or more often if your dentist recommends it. It is also important to get regular dental check up during your pregnancy.






    市面上出售許多在家用的美白產品凝膠和牙套,但效果並不一定比從牙醫診所購買來的專業漂白劑好,有時候可能還會增加您牙齒的敏感度。 如果您想嘗試非處方漂白劑,請尋找帶有ADA密封的產品。 在購買之前,請諮詢您的牙醫專業建議。


    定期的牙科檢查有助於及早發現問題以防止問題變嚴重造成更昂貴的治療。 我們的牙醫會先幫您清潔牙齒上的牙垢,然後使用特殊工具探測表面和牙齦邊緣的斑點。 如果距離您上一次的牙科檢查有一段時間,基於牙齒疏於保健,您可能會感到有一些疼痛和敏感。我們建議您應該平均每6個月進行一次檢查,如果您的牙齒狀況不佳,您的牙醫會根據您的狀況建議增加門診的次數。 請記住在懷孕期間定期進行牙齒檢查是必須的。