“I went from having a phobia when seeing dentists to loving to see Dr. Hwang!

I have had many dental procedures with Dr. Hwang: root canal, cavities, replacement caps and of course regular checkups. She is amazing in all the wonderful jobs she’s performed. She guided me through all the steps of her procedure and erased my phobia. She is very sincere and patient with me and gave me the best advice in keeping/choosing the best and natural looking color on my replacement caps (she did not want to compromise for second best).

I also love her appointments as she is always punctual. In her appointments, it is relaxed and she never rushes to finish your care to accommodate others. Dr. Hwang is very knowledgeable in her expertise, her office and staff are always neat, clean and professional.

Now I look forward to seeing her. I trust Dr. Hwang and I highly recommend her to anyone!”

– Lina C.

「從我的小孩長出第一顆牙開始,黃醫師就為他們看牙。 她是極為注重細節的牙醫師。 我女兒上個月看診時,黃醫師為她前排六顆很難看的蛀牙補牙。 治療的效果極佳,每次我女兒微笑時,就露出她那美麗的牙齒。由於黃醫師很注重細節和美學愉悅觀感,因此雖然我認識許多牙醫,還是繼續找黃醫師為家人看診。 她的職員很友善,而造訪她的診所也讓人覺得充滿樂趣。 我的小孩特別喜歡在看診後觀看電視。 我推薦您帶家人找黃醫師看診!」

– Chang You S.

「我在黃醫師的診所獲得了絕佳的服務。 他們非常專業,我覺得他們能滿足我的需求。 將來我一定會再度前往這家牙醫診所看診。」

– Anne N.

“I’ve been treated by Dr. Hwang for many years. She is gentle with her treatment, honest and intelligent in her suggestions for dental care. She is clear with her diagnosis, also explains work that needs to be done in a clear and understandable manner. I have had many different procedures done by Dr. Hwang and she has always been careful and thoughtful about the treatment she is providing. It is always a pleasant experience visiting Dr. Hwang and her staff. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!”

– I. Chen

「前往黃醫師的診所看診可說是一大樂事。 診所的空間寬敞、乾淨,而且非常整齊,而黃醫師也非常友善和專業。 我所得到的照護大幅超出我的期望。 我也向家人和朋友推薦她的診所,而所得到的意見反應都很好。 我已經找到可以為我的牙齒提供絕佳照護的牙醫師!」

– A. Yao

「黃醫師牙醫診所的職員都很專業、貼心、友好且彬彬有禮。 他們能詳細說明所提供的卓越服務。 候診間也非常舒適, 並播放著適當的音樂以緩和患者的焦慮情緒。黃醫師以無痛鑽牙的方式,修復了我九歲女兒的蛀牙,而我女兒在完成治療程序之後,就能立即展露笑容。 我一定會向所有朋友推薦黃醫師。」

– Alfred C.

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