“It is my first time to see the dentist in the United States. Before stepping into the doctor’s office, I felt really nervous about it. As soon as I arrived, the atmosphere in the office made me calm and relieved. After a short interview by Dr. Hwang, I felt that she is a thoughtful doctor and really cares about the detail for my up-coming treatment. Everything was just as I expected. During the treatment, Dr. Hwang showed great patience and excellent technique. I didn’t even feel pain at all for the whole treatment. Moreover, I am really satisfied about the work that Dr. Hwang gave me and I will definitely recommend her to all my friends who needs to see a dentist.”

– C.L.

“I had been looking for a good dentist for a long while and one of my coworkers suggested that I see Dr. Hwang. I have to say that I only see the dentist when I really really have to. Since I felt really bad about my teeth for more than a week, then I just made up my mind to see Dr. Hwang. For the first time, Dr. Hwang gave me a quick examination and basic cleaning for my teeth which made me feel great. Dr. Hwang always has some ways to minimize the pain and makes the treatment process as smooth as possible. Therefore, I immediately made another appointment with her for further treatment even though that I know that the prospected treatment will not be an easy task. For the first appointment, Dr. Hwang had already built up the confidence to me thus I felt much more relaxed about the second treatment. Without any expectations, the second treatment that I had was the best ever in my life, seriously. I even fell asleep when Dr. Hwang was working with my teeth. That’s amazing! As soon as I woke up, the whole treatment was finished. I still can’t believe that I took a nap on that chair for more than half of an hour. The experience in Dr. Hwang’s office is great and I am glad that I do not have to look for any other dentists in the future.”

– C.H.L.

「黃醫師和她的職員讓我在診所中感到很受歡迎。 非常友善和乾淨的環境, 始終提供一流的服務。 在黃醫師的診所中,我總是能獲得很棒的牙科體驗。 我絕對可以放心地將自己的健康和牙齒交到他們手中! 我會向其他人大力推薦這家牙醫診所。」

– Lei

“I love going to Dr. Hwang’s office and am very fond of her as well! I have been here for four years. I always feel welcomed the moment I walk in. Dr. Hwang makes sure I leave without confusion and questions. One time, I walked in because my tooth was feeling very sensitive. Even though the schedule was very busy, Dr. Hwang was still able to fit me in to give me a check-up. I feel that Dr. Hwang and the staff really care about their patients and their dental situations.”

– Mimi T.

「也許您和我一樣,最不想做的事就是去看牙醫。 至少在我前往黃醫師位於法拉盛 (Flushing) 緬街上的診所前,我都是這麼認為的。從首次造訪開始,我就知道自己遇到了充滿愛心的醫師。黃醫師不僅具備優秀的牙科技能,對病患也很有同情心。 整個診所的職員都表現出相同的風格和關懷。 他們都很友善、周到且專業。 因此如果您想在舒適、關懷的環境中獲得最好的牙科照護,您真得需要前往黃文柔醫師位於法拉盛 (Flushing) 緬街上的牙醫診所。 我給這間牙醫診所的評價是五顆星。」

– L. Shen

“I went to Dr. Hwang’s office for a consultation. Dr. Hwang was very informative, explaining to me what I had to do for my teeth. Answered all my questions. I feel that I am in capable hands when I’m in her office. I am very thankful and will recommend Dr. Hwang’s office to all my friends.”

– V.Y.

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